Can Pharyngitis Cause Cancer?

Pharyngitis is one of the diseases of the pharynx, characterized by inflammation of its mucous membrane and lymph nodes. Very rarely, the disease is diagnosed alone, most often it accompanies other inflammatory diseases that affect the upper respiratory tract. Unfortunately, a disease whose symptoms are similar to some other diseases is very often diagnosed incorrectly, so pharyngitis can lead to cancer. If the diagnosis is incorrect, the time can be irretrievably lost, and the disease can go into a chronic form. So, the most important recommendation, in order to avoid the risk of cancer and other serious complications, in time, contact your doctor. Only the doctor will be able to properly diagnose the disease and its appearance, and accordingly, to prescribe the appropriate treatment and therapy.

Pharyngitis and cancer can exist in a cause-and-effect relationship only under conditions of extremely neglected disease, when pharyngitis turns into a chronic type and the patient continues to treat negligently. In this case, all the negative consequences and complications of chronic pharyngitis can be diagnosed in the patient. The most dangerous complication is laryngeal cancer, which follows atrophic pharyngitis. The fact is that almost all patients diagnosed with atrophic pharyngitis have an altered state of the body’s immune system, which is not able to provide the functions of a protective barrier.

With prolonged exposure to chronic pharyngitis, cancer of laryngeal, as well as other diseases, can also be diagnosed in the patient. This is due to the spread of infection to other parts of the body. They can be expressed in renal diseases, damage to the heart muscle, rheumatism.

However, according to medical statistics, fortunately, the appearance of such serious complications after pharyngitis is still unlikely. In itself, pharyngitis is not a complex disease, but the patient must take responsibility for his health and visit the doctor on time.