Are Pharyngitis And Throat Inflammation The Same Thing?

Some organs are places where microbes (bacteria and viruses) are first kept. If the body’s resistance falls, the micro tubes that are retained by the tonsils will not be destroyed by this organ and will make the organ sick.

What Are The Symptoms Of Throat ─░nflammation ?

When the tonsils are inflamed, there are some symptoms in the body after toxins from the microbe enter the blood. Indicate this; Fever, sore throat, fatigue, widespread muscle pain in the body, and loss of appetite. However, due to inflammation of the tonsils, taste disorders and bad smell also occur in the mouth.

How to Inflect Throat Inflammation?

Inflammation of throat usually occurs when the body is becoming much weaker, excessive fatigue, excessive physical exercise, insomnia, malnutrition. In such cases, opportunistic bacteria that are harmless to the body can lead to infection. In addition, a person who is infected may also have a contact with the skin or infection in the form of droplet infection. Transmission is usually through hands. Patients will be sickened by touching their hands.
What is pharyngitis disease how does it occur?

Pharyngitis disease is a condition different from tonsillitis. For this reason they can lead to unnecessary tonsillectomy. In such cases, the complaints are further increased after the operation. There are not a huge difference between Pharyngitis and throat inflammation.

How Do Throat Inflammation And Pharyngitis Occur?

In all infectious diseases, the most obvious way of transmission is the hands. In studies conducted, it has been shown that 60-70% of infections can be prevented by hand washing. The microbes in the secretions of the affected person are spread out in this way. Cough may also be transmitted through this. However, this way of transmission is less. Besides, adequate rest and nutrition is also important in protecting against diseases. The protective effect of handwashing on infectious diseases has been shown definitively in scientific studies.