Can Pharyngitis Cause Death?

In the modern world, the spread of diseases, unfortunately, is very widespread. Today it is difficult to meet a person who has not been sick for a lifetime. Poor environmental conditions, stress and sedentary lifestyle often weaken the body and its level of natural protection falls. This opens the way for infections and diseases, which include pharyngitis in particular. This is a fairly common pharyngeal disease, which can be in people of any age and sex. And of course, each of the sick worries about the consequences of the disease and can ask the question: does pharyngitis cause death?

According to medical statistics such a probability exists, but fortunately, it is extremely small. The main reason why this can happen is an untreated disease that can lead to terrible complications, including a fatal outcome. So, for example, if pharyngitis is not cured for a long time, it indicates a chronic stage of the disease, which can last for more than one month and a year. During chronic pharyngitis, an inflammatory process occurs in the lymphoid apparatus of the pharynx and mucous membrane. Sometimes the patient has a moment of aggravation of the disease, and at this time the symptoms of pharyngitis torment the patient with more force, and the doctor has to prescribe ever higher dosages of medications.

If the pharyngitis treatment does not start in time, the disease quickly changes into a chronic form, which subsequently threatens with unpleasant complications, up to the complete atrophy of the pharyngeal tissues or malignant tumor process. Chronic pharyngitis may eventually change into tracheitis, laryngitis (inflammation of the trachea and larynx) or cause chronic bronchitis. Pharyngitis often provokes an abscess, the sign of which is a constant sore throat and unilateral swelling, which can lead to a gasp. Another unpleasant manifestation is sepsis, or blood poisoning. When pus enters the blood, it can cause the death of the patient.