Pharyngitis Surgery In Suckling Women

Even such trembling, tender periods, like breastfeeding, can be overshadowed by a nuisance called acute pharyngitis. The cause of the appearance of symptoms can serve as hormonal changes in the body, as well as numerous environmental factors: frosty air, extreme humidity, excessive dryness, or air pollution, as well as viruses and infections.

Moreover, the immunity of a nursing woman is weakened, since during these periods the body is aimed to give more than accumulate. That is why, pharyngitis symptoms may appear: sore throat, cough, fever, hoarseness, and runny nose. Often, pharyngitis in a mother is not an independent disease, but a manifestation of an acute respiratory disease.

Pharyngitis in Suckling Women

After giving birth, the mother’s body still experiences stress, new rituals in her life, irregular eating habits, lack of sleep accompanying the first months of a newborn’s life, unfortunately, contribute to a drop-in immunity and, as a result, lead to illness. However, if previously a woman already had chronic pharyngitis, the disease may also appear during this period. In any case, the diagnosis for a suckling woman should be handled by a qualified specialist, since untimely treatment started can lead to the development of serious complications.

Pharyngitis when breastfeeding often forces the mother to refuse natural feeding. But experts say that there are not so many situations when it really is necessary. In the body of a baby with milk, particles of viruses, microbes that cannot cause infection, and also penetrate with them ready antibodies to infection, provide reliable protection. The real danger for a child, provided that the mother wears a mask, is only the drugs taken. Many of them are banned in lactation, therefore, pharyngitis should be treated only under the supervision of a doctor who will choose interchangeable and non-harmful medicines for the child. In cases where drug therapy does not help, pharyngitis surgery is required.