5 Information About Pharyngitis Therapy

Pharyngitis is pain in the throat and itching. Swallowing in this disease is painful.Pharyngitis is the inflammation that occurs behind the nose and mouth cavity. There are two types of pharyngitis, acute and chronic. Sudden onset, severe inflammations are acute pharyngitis.

Chronic pharyngitis is painless but long-lasting. Acute pharyngitis is more painful than chronic pharyngitis. Acute pharyngitis syndrome is sore throat and hoarseness, weakness . Acute pharyngitis is usually upper respiratory infection. Chronic pharyngitis symptoms usually cough, angina. Pharyngitis causes is, air pollution and infection If acute pharyngitis is repeated continuously Chronic pharyngitis transform.

How is pharyngitis theraphy? Let’s look at 5 information on pharyngitis treatment.

Bağlantı1) Have plenty of rest.

Increased body resistance reduces pharyngitis risk. Have rest to pharyngitis treatment is very important. Because the disease heals faster.

2) Keep away from air pollution.

Air pollution increases pharyngitis risk.Air pollution causes pain in the throat.

Because of this, people can have pharyngitis. The place where the person is often ventilation

3) Keep away from allergy.

Pollen, airborne allergens can irritate the throat, creating a chronic pharyngitis. Hay fever from chronic pharyngeal causes. Allegy can weaken the immune system, so pharyngitis may last long.

4) Keep away from alcohol.

Drinking alcohol can irritate the throat. So alcohol consumption is a chronic pharyngitis risk.

Drinking alcohol can weaken the immune system, so pharyngitis may last long.

5) Keep away from smoke.

Smoke, the most irritating substance in the throat. Smoke can cause pharyngitis. And smoke causes chronic pharyngitis at the same time.

Herbal teas can be used in pharyngitis theraphy. Camomile, anise, mint, thyme herbs are good for throat pain. Herbal tea strengthens the immune system by energizing the person so that the risk of pharyngitis is reduced.These herbal teas can be drunk or gargled.