Herbal Tea Recipes For Pharyngitis

What Is Pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis is basically explained as oropharynx inflammation. If it doesn’t cure in right time, it can escalate into bronchitis. There are two kinds of pharyngitis, which are acute and chronicled. Acute one is easier to diagnose because it has more obvious symptoms than chronicled. Sore throat, fewer, itchy and dry feeling, hoarseness, reddish throat are the examples for the acute symptoms. On the contrary, patients feel sore throat less in chronicled pharyngitis but more constant hacks.

Causes Of Pharyngitis

Bağlantı Viral infections or bacteria generally cause this illness. Occasionally, fungal infection inside the mouth can cause pharyngitis, too. Also cavities can be responsible for the bacteria. Drinking too cold or too hot beverages, smoking, over breathing of dust, result with worse situations.

Herbal Tea Treatments For Pharyngitis

Herbs became natural remedy for humankind since early stages. People use them in different ways such as cooking, brewing or consuming raw. But the best-known way of consuming is herbal tea. Here is a list for herbal tea recipes;

Turmeric Tea

It has deep cleaning effect for respiratory infection and also very helpful for pulmonary diseases. Turmeric can be prepared either as tea, which is needed to drink twice, or three times a day. Besides it can consummate with lukewarm milk.

Sweet Basil Tea

Basil is a good source of magnesium and a perfect antioxidant. An alternative way of consuming basil is either chewing the leaves or making tea.

Mint Tea

Mint is another herb, which can consume for pharyngitis. It gives quick recovery for sore throat and respiratory track relieves.

Garlic Tea

Garlic is famous for its natural treatment that can be used as natural antibiotics. It is very useful for pharyngitis if consumed regularly. Garlic can be consumed either cooked or uncooked. Garlic tea is another option, which can be consumed 2-3 pots daily.


Salvia is a perfect protector and natural remedy for pharyngitis. In the early stages it can be consumed daily 2-3 cups and then when the symptoms relived weekly consumption would be appropriate. 1 dessertspoon of salvia added to 1 cup of water for boiling. And then wait for 8-10 minutes to be brewed. This mixture can use as either tea or as a natural mouthwash.