Pharyngitis Surgery in Pregnant Women

Long nine months of pregnancy are accompanied not only by joyful expectations, but also by concern for health. The immune system of pregnant women is vulnerable, there is always a risk of catching some kind of disease. Sometimes they are old illnesses, sleeping for the time being. For example, chronic pharyngitis as a consequence of an untreated acute inflammation. Chronic disease must be treated, preferably before pregnancy planning. Pharyngitis not only delivers a woman a sore throat, but also provokes a number of complications, is a threat to pregnancy.

Pharyngitis in pregnant women is better to cure before the onset of pregnancy. So, doctors advise. This will avoid many troubles and complications during the period of bearing the baby. A healthy lifestyle, hardening, physical activity, intake of vitamins – all this strengthens the immune system. Strong immunity of the mother is the guarantee of the health of the future baby. Many problems can be avoided at the stage of pregnancy planning. If the pregnancy has occurred, and there is a chronic disease, then you should begin treatment. The disease can become aggravated, which will add even more trouble. To get rid of persistent and prolonged pharyngitis, surgery is used as a radical method. Either way, chronic pharyngitis requires treatment. Therapy for chronic disease should be conducted under the supervision of an otolaryngologist and gynecologist.

All the same, exacerbated pharyngitis during pregnancy is not the best combination. The surgical operation is simple and completely harmless. It should be noted that surgery with pharyngitis is recommended only if the tonsils really are the source of infection. The operation is done only in extreme cases, when the medicinal methods of treatment do not give results, and the disease proceeds in severe form with the development of a number of dangerous complications for the future mother and baby.

Pharyngitis During Pregnancy

Pharyngitis is a general name of the sphagitis. Pharyngitis is caused irritable, red and swelling sore which is in the back throat. It is the infection of mucosal and submucosal lining. The reasons of the pharyngitis commonly are the viral infections which are cold and flu. Pharyngitis is based on %90 percent of viral, 10 percent of bacterial. Especially the children which are 4-7 years old, have the pharyngitis.

The pharyngitis disease occurs children that under 1 year old rarely but symptoms can change the reasons of the illness. The symptoms of the disease caused of bacterial go on slowly. Generally the patients get well in 1-2 days. If they are not good in 1-2 days, the doctor have to see them.

In the pharyngitis treatment, antibiotics are used for the sore throats caused by bacterial infections. Antibiotics are not good for viral sore throats.

Pharyngitis Symptoms

  • Acute pharyngitis is caused the difficult swallow, red soreness throat.
  • Cough hardly
  • Feeling weakness and exhaustion
  • Inflammation of the mucous lining
  • Muscle aches
  • Fever
  • Headache

Pharyngitis and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not available term for using drugs. For that reason the pregnant women can avoid of the drugs except necessity. The drugs must control by the doctor and the doctor advice the dose of drugs for pregnant women. The drugs that use the pregnant women directly go to the placenta and baby. This is the big risk for the babies. Especially first three months, the organs of the babies develop and this period mothers can avoid using drugs.

What Are The Risk Factos Of Pharyngitis?

  • The flu and common cold
  • Sore throats and the close touch with person who have flu or cold
  • Smoking and expose the smoking
  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections.