Relationship Between Smoking and Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis is a disease associated with upper respiratory tract. Upper respiratory tract infections are very common in winter months. Because throat and esophagus are more likely to be damaged. However, one of the non-seasonal pharyngitis reasons is smoking. It is clear that smoking and pharyngitis are associated. In addition, air pollution is one of the pharyngitis causes. Therefore, pharyngitis is more common in people with allergic problems. Absolutely pharmacotherapy is an option for acute and chronic pharyngitis. The most important thing is to protect health and stop smoking.

Make a Quit Smoking Plan

Pharyngitis has many symptoms; such as pain in the throat. Smoking is the best friend of pharyngitis and smoking stirs up pharyngitis. It is a known fact that sore throat is formed in people who smoke continuously. As you can see, the pharyngitis and the smoking have similar indications. Habits such as smoking and alcoholic beverages can trigger the pharyngitis disease. The esophagus is highly influenced by smoking. Throat infection can even turn into bronchitis as it progresses. If the patient becomes chronic, she/he may have to carry a throat spray over her/his life. People with pharyngitis should be careful not to smoke, but also it should not be in places with tobacco smoke pollution. That is to say, you have to be careful not to be passive smokers.

Pharyngitis Treatment

There are two kinds of pharyngitis in medical science as acute and chronic pharyngitis. Pharyngitis is a disease that should not be taken on slight but it is easy to be protected from it. Herbal treatments are effective in the treatment of pharyngitis. Nevertheless, you can use natural and herbal treatment alternatives only if you consult your doctor. For example, you can gargle with a mix of thyme and vinegar or you can gargle or drink honey tea.