The Causes Of Polyps In Vocal Cords

Polyps in vocal cords, vocal cord benign growths that occur in. More is seen between the ages of 20-50. It is more common in women than men. An abuse of the vocal cords, swelling of the vocal cords that occur on can be described as soft. Soft polyps of the vocal cords also occur if the misuse continues for a long time that child may become permanent. Polyps of the vocal cords in one, or both may indicate the occurrence. That looks like a piece of meat polyps are larger than nodules formations. 


What are the symptoms of polyps in vocal cords?

  • Hoarseness

  • The lack of sound

  • Crackling sound

  • Thickening sound

  • Muffled sound

  • Feeling of lump in the throat

  • Neck pain

  • Ear pain

  • Sometimes the body and voice fatigue

  • What causes polyps on his vocal chords?


A polyp on your vocal cords, usually occurs because of Bad use of the sound. A traumatic event can lead to polyps but also audio. In addition, the audio there are many factors that can cause polyps.


What are the causes of polyps in vocal cords?

  • Smoking

  • Nov tension

  • Allergy

  • Some professional groups

  • Don't get loud

  • Excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption

  • Stress

  • Infectious diseases long

What is the treatment for polyps on his vocal cords?

A polyp on your vocal cords, drug therapy, surgery, or behavioral therapy can be treated with certain methods. Surgery polyps can be removed. If the polyps are very large and if you have been around a long time, usually can be treated with surgery. However, in rare cases in children with vocal cord polyps surgery are applied. Usually is tried to be with other treatment options for the treatment of polyps.



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