The Efects of Dirty Air to Sore Throat

What is a Sore Throat?

Sore throat which is also known as pharyngitis is one of the very common disease which is caused by several factors and mainly by virusand bacteria and this illness can be seen in everyone does not matter the age group. The sore throat problem happens in the very back place of the throat which is situated very close to the tonsils. If the sore throat does not recover for a very long time or if you face with this problem like always the disease can be name as chronical pharyngitis. It is called like that because the ilness became as something common to you which you have already get used to it. 


Main Reasons of Sore Throat 

The main reasons of having a sore throat can be listed like that; First of all if you use alcohol, tobaco or productes that contains any of these you have to stop using them because the use of these products can trigger your illness. If you do not chew the meals that you eat enough this can also affect your disease in a very bad way. You should not drink too hot or too cold beverage. Dry air is also one of the factors that effect sore throat. If you live in a city which is developed in terms of industry you have to go out with a mask cause air polution and breathing a polutad air is also one of the factors that trigger sore throat. You have to take all of the factors into consideration otherwise there would not be any way for you to come over your sore throat problem. If it is something chronical then you have to know what triggers you and try to stay away with them.




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