The Symptoms of Adenoid

Adenoid can cause snoring in children, sleeping by opening children’ mouth, mouthwatering, facial and dental development disorders, hearing loss, and child sinusitis. There is also a typical image in the child called adenoid face.

Oxygen deficiency can reduce the child's mental energy and abilities. Children with distractibility may have a hearing loss due to their own adenoid and may exhibit hyperactive behaviors because they cannot breathe easily. It may seem that the child's mouth is open and like that the upper lip is pulled up.


Otitis media is a common condition in children who have adenoid or naturally grown adenoid. Inflammation is spread to the middle ear as a result of the blocked Eustachian tube being blocked by the growing adenoid. It causes recurrent otitis media and accumulation of fluid in the middle ear. It causes hearing loss and adhesions in the middle ear in the future. In addition, the accumulation of infectious epidemic in the sinuses may lead to chronic sinusitis.


Adenoid Diagnosis

X-ray and endoscopy are used for the diagnosis of adenoid. If the X-ray film is withdrawn when there is inflammation, the adenoid becomes larger and this is misleading. First, inflammation must be treated by using drugs. The film should be taken again at least one week after the illness has been healed. If the adenoid is still large and the child is uncomfortable with it, then it is possible to decide whether child needs to be operated or not.


The diagnosis of adenoid inflammation is not as easy as diagnosis of tonsillitis. Only in cases where the adenoid is inflamed, an endoscopic examination can be used for definitive diagnosis. Through endoscopic examination, it is possible to clearly identify the stage and condition of adenoid diseases.



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