The Treatment Of Dysphagia In Adult

Dysphagia is known as dysphagia in the medical language and is the swallowing difficulties seen during eating and drinking. This occurs in the passage of food from the mouth to the pond, delaying, preventing and following the wrong path to escape to the breath. The "penetration" of food down to the level of the soundtracks and the dangerous, death-causing condition known as "aspiration" occur underneath the soundtracks. Because aspiration means that food can escape to the lungs through the breathing tube.


How Is The Treatment Of Dysphagia In Adult?

Treatment of impaired swallowing is planned by a specialist language and speech therapist depending on the cause, indication and type of swallowing impairment. During treatment;

• Performing customized exercises to stimulate the muscles responsible for swallowing and to provide coordinated movements or stimulate swallowing reflexes

• Implementation of various position and swallowing strategies for more comfortable swallowing of the person

• Feeding food and drink with different consistency to make it safe and easy for the person to swallow


What Are The Therapy Methods Used In Dysphagia?

The assessment to be done firstly is very important for planning the treatment of dysphagia . This assessment will decide which treatment strategy will be applied. The most appropriate method for understanding the cause of the swallowing problem and determining the appropriate therapy methods is MBYÇ (Modified Barium Swallowing Study, also called videofluoroscopy). With this assessment, it is determined which consistencies are not swallowed, swallowed, which phase of swallowing is the problem. Therapeutic strategies are identified in the light of this assessment. The methods for swallowing treatment are:

Diet Modification: This is to ensure that the patient is safe to swallow by determining the consistency of the patient's needs.

Wastewater Maneuvers: These are also called positional swallowing treatments. Goal; making it easier and safer for food to be swallowed.



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