The Treatment Of Hoarseness In Adults

Hoarseness refers to abnormal voice changes. When sound is decreased, the voice whispered, rough, raspy, strained, can be heard, there may be changes in sound intensity or pitch. The changes in sound are usually related to vocal disorders, is dependent on. The throat and vocal cords (larynx) is located. Vibrate during a conversation. Thus, the first step in the formation of the sound. The number of these vibrations, the women on average 200-300/s, men-100-150/sec in a range of varies. During breathing, the vocal folds are apart.


What Are The Causes Of Hoarseness?

Voice disorders of the larynx the larynx or normal audio within a function in the formation may be due to problems in other parts. To produce normal vocal sounds of the vocal cords it is necessary to get close to each other symmetrically along the entire length. Large masses located at the free edge of the vocal cords or vocal cord paralysis due to noisy sound and cause air leak insufficient closeness.

There are various reasons of hoarseness. Most of them are not serious and can be treated in a short period of time. Hoarseness is the most common cause of "acute laryngitis". Acute laryngitis, colds and other upper respiratory tract infections during or resulting from excessive shouting and the sound in force will occur. Usually within a week or two, the sound returns to normal.


What İs The Treatment Of Hoarseness İn Adults?

Voice disorders treatment of hoarseness depends on the cause. Most of the situations which could cause hoarseness, getting in the habit of using the right voice and listening to audio they'll be fine. Ear-nose-throat specialist can provide information regarding the use of audio, audio and speech pathologists may send for your training, or may recommend surgery if you have a reason such as polyps visible. They are especially recommended to treat all patients with surgically audio problems is not to smoke, and avoid secondhand smoke, they are asked to drink plenty of water.



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