The Treatment Of Throat Burn In Pregnant Women

The throat burning in pregnancy, the burning of the throat in pregnancy increases rapidly according to the development of the baby, and the acid escapes from the stomach through the stomach for the reason of the hormonal expansion and the enlargement in the abdomen. Mothers who are pregnant during the first stages of pregnancy are more irritated by nausea, fever and vomiting and throat burns. But as the pregnancy progresses and as the uterus expands, the stomach acids come out of the cooking tube as the baby prints on other organs. This gives the throat a burning sensation.


Recommendations for throat burning:

  • Eat in frequent and small meals
  • Light walks after meals may be good for your problem
  • Avoid movements and positions that increase the abdominal girdle (sudden forward leanings, lying right after meals, lying down etc.)
  • Sit back with a small cushion, especially with a small cushion, instead of reaching out immediately after eating.
  • If you are stomach dependent, behavior and diet changes, do not recover and consult your physician if you get any antacid.


Greasy and spicy foods are known to everyone who increases stomach acids. However, this situation is more susceptible to pregnancies. Because the food pipe in the pregnancy is closer to the bosphorus, the burning sensation also increases. For this reason, especially during pregnancy period, oily, spicy, too salty, excessive sugar, tea, coffee and especially chocolate should be avoided.

The use of acid syrups recommended by the doctor and by a physician in temporary and natural ways and in the throat burns that do not pass through will be healthier.

Pregnancy, throat burning, throat burning at the advanced level is absolutely analyzed in pregnancies. Throat culture is performed to treat the disease. Once it is understood that the culture obtained on the assay is microbial, the necessary treatment is applied. However, antibiotic treatment is not applied during pregnancy. Because it hurt the baby. Therefore, it is more appropriate to apply the above suggestions during pregnancy. It is necessary to avoid any medicines that can harm the baby during pregnancy.



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