Thoracic Tumor Symptoms

Throat tumor is known as a type of tumor that occurs in the throat region. Throat larynx, upper, middle and lower parts are divided into 3 main parts. When the throat opens and closes, it is our body which breathes, speaks and swallows. The auditory tracts are located in the middle of the throat. In the lower part, it provides connection with pale boring. Thoracic tumor is common among cancer types, especially among smokers, although not among the top 10 in terms of incidence. Some chemicals found in cigarettes alter the structure of the laryngeal cells and form the basis for tumor formation.


The throat tumor usually occurs in areas close to the hoarseness. For this reason, the first indication of the tumor is the change of voice. This is the symptom of the voice normally falling off if we give an example.


Some symptoms other than hoarseness are the following: difficulty in swallowing and swelling of the pain when swallowing, the formation of swelling in the throat area, constant cough formation, passable sore throats, the smell of breath, ear aches, to come to the point of breathlessness, breathing and breathing, the occurrence of weight loss that can not be determined, fatigue is a symptom of fatigue and excessive fatigue.


The throat tumor, like other tumors, takes its place in the process of replacing old cells with new ones, as old cells do not die and try to accumulate. The old cells, which the body no longer needs, show the formation of throat tumors. These tumors may be benign or malignant. The majority of known true throat tumors occur in people who smoke. Experts say that regular use of alcohol, as well as the use of cigarettes, significantly increases throat tumor risk. Other causes of throat tumors include excessive consumption of animal fat-containing foods, genetic causes, and reflux, which are symptoms of gastric acid irritation in the stomach acid over time.



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