Throat Sensitivity

Throat sensitivity can manifest itself as a symptom of many illnesses. The most common cause of this complaint which is also expressed in the throat as burning and sensitivity and aggravated by swallowing is inflammation. Infections are mostly caused by the virus (Colds, influenza andinfectious mononucleosis viruses). Again, virus diseases such as measles and chickenpox can cause a sore throat and sensitivity on the throat.


Virus infections have no specific treatment and are not treated with antibiotics. In this case, treatment is aimed to relieve the symptoms. Rest, plenty of fluid intakes, pain relievers can be used if there are additional findings such as nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, etc. In the common progress of virus-borne infections, relief of symptoms by the influence of the immune system and complete recovery in about a week is expected.

In addition, throat sensitivity may occur as a symptom of one of the following diseases.


Thyroiditis (Thyroid Inflammation)

It usually occurs due to viral infections following upper respiratory infections. Pain, burning, sensitivity, the temperature increase in the throat, pain can be reflected the chin. The growth of lymph nodes in the neck region can also be observed. Sudden fever, pain, sedimentation increase can be observed. Treatment is regulated according to thyroid functions.


Hashimoto Thyroiditis

It is a chronic inflammatory disease that develops due to the immune system (autoimmune). Goiter gland usually grows asymmetrically and develops hormone deficiency over time. Initially, pain in the throat and neck, fatigue, palpitation, fever, and sensitivity in the neck region can be observed. In the case findings such as temperature pressure, sweating, palpitation, and damage to the thyroid gland over time, symptoms such as weight gain in the patient, chills, slowing of the heart may occur. At baseline, TSH hormone levels increase, serum T4 levels decrease, and hypothyroid findings develop. After the hypothyroid state develops, complementary treatment is applied.



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