Throat Surgery Steps in Tonsillitis

After tonsillectomy, most of the patients can be discharged to their homes on the same day. If you are discharged from the hospital, then there are suggestions to be careful to accelerate the healing process of the patient.

After Tonsillectomy

Bleeding: Bleeding may occur after or during the operation because the area of ​​tonsillectomy is open wound. If there is a fresh red blood in the area but only a few bleeds, or if it shows bloody vomiting, you may need to go to the nearest hospital or health facility where your surgery was performed. The area where the operation is being performed may be irritated or infected.


Pain: Slight pain can be observed in the area where your operation is performed. The most common cause of this condition is that it is an open wound and a constantly moving area. The sharp ache that is seen may vary from person to person. In many cases, simple painkillers can be the sufficient solution for pain relief, but in some cases stronger painkillers will be more beneficial. The pain usually occurs during swallowing or talking. After the tonsillectomy, some of the aches that people have may be reflected around the ear or even towards the ear.


Diet information: After surgery, it is best not to drink and eat anything until about 4 hours before the effect of anesthesia is fully done. When you eat and drink, your nearest nurse will give you information.

In general, after tonsillectomy, it is recommended to drink plenty of cold water, eat very soft foods and eat foods that will not irritate your throat.


What you should have in mind after tonsillectomy:

  • Definitely stay away from acidic and hot drinks in the first weeks (orange, tea)
  • Stay away from chocolate and other foods like that
  • Never use a pipette (may cause to escape your throat and cause irritation)
  • Drink plenty of fluids and foods
  • Avoid foods and drinks that have red color
  • Avoid foods such as bread edges that will cause pain when swallowed


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