Throat Tumor

Throat tumor is known as a type of tumor that occurs in the throat region. Throat larynx is divided into 3 main parts as upper, middle and lower parts. When the throat opens and closes, it helps to breathe, speak and swallow. The vocal folds are located in the middle part of the throat. In the lower part, it provides connection with trachea.


Throat tumor is common among cancer types, especially among smokers, although not among the top 10 in terms of incidence list. Some chemicals found in cigarettes alter the structure of laryngeal cells and enable to pave the way for tumor formation. After 10-15 years from quitting smoking, the risk of getting throat cancer is reduced by 60-70%. The throat tumor is the most common type of cancer among people who are 55-64 age range.


Throat Tumor Symptoms:

The throat tumor usually occurs in the area where vocal fold is and it’s around. For this reason, the first symptom of the tumor is the change of voice. For example the symptom of the hoarseness is the one example of it.


Other symptoms of the throat tumor besides hoarseness are;

  • The difficulty in swallowing and the feeling pain while swallowing,

  • The swelling in the throat,

  • Constant cough formation,

  • Chronic sore throats,

  • Bad breath (oral malodor),

  • Ear aches,

  • Difficulty in breathing,

  • Breathe noisily,

  • The weight loss that reason of it cannot be determined,

  • Weakness, extreme fatigue and exhaustion

It is necessary to consult a doctor for a short period of time for a hoarseness that continues for several weeks and the cause of it is unknown. If the throat tumor does not form in a region where closes to the vocal fold, the first symptom will be seen as a chronic sore throat and swelling in the larynx.



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