To Have A Frog In One’s Throat Is The Sign Of Which Disease

There are several reasons behind having a frog in one's frog or we can also call it a sore throat. A sore throat can be caused of a post nasal drip, nassal flow, cough and phlegm. There are also several disease that can cause to a sore throat. For example if you have any kind of allergy these can trigger the sore throat. If you do not know if you are allergic or not you can check it by visiting a doctor.


He/ she will make some tests and will found out whether you are allergic or not and if you are what causes it. The sore throat can be also caused by your life style. If you work in a very stressful job your body can react to it by having a sore throat or any other kind of reaction. Cold and sinusitis can also causes a sore throat. If you use cigarette or any beverage that contains alcohol you have to stop for a while because the use of such things also causes or can trigger a sore throat. 


Disease That Shows Itself With A Sore Throat

The first disease can be the throat reflux. The general throat reflux is usually caused by an irregular lifestyle. If you eat your dinner very late, drink to much carbonated drinks or consume to much spices all of these can cause this problem. If you use to much pills such as antibiothics or pain killers all of these can cause throat reflux as well. Normally everybody has reflux by birth but it is at a level that do not cause any problem. If you have such a problem in an advanced level you have to visit a doctor as soon as possible.




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