Tonsil Infection is Epidemic

Tonsilitis infection is more common disease in the winter months than in the summer months. Tonsillitis is an epidemic disease. The person immediately is infected and the body resistant will be low. The tonsil is the body organ, which is also placed in the mouth at the beginning of the respiratory tract. Because it is a sensitive organ, it swells when getting cold and may not last long. The microbe that affects to the throat respiratory tract, the bacterium is not destroyed by the tonsils. It causes swelling and inflammation of throat.


In the throat inflammation, the microbes are mixed with the blood and the person has a lot of symptoms such as high fever, sore throat, fatigue and loss of appetite. Tonsillar inflammation causes tastelessness and obliteration while eating. Infection that occurs in the throat inflates the tonsils and causes severe pain in the throat. When asking the question of tonsillitis is epidemic, yes it is epidemic. When you contact a patient, you will be infected. It also occurs during speech and sneeze. In crowded environments, the transmission rate is very high.


Tonsil infections spread by touching patients’ hand. If you feel suddenly weakness, sore throat yourself, tonsillitis may infect you. You should definitely consult the doctor. Infectious diseases can be harmful to your health.


If you feel that you are infected, bed rest should be done. You must lie on the bed and rest. Regular fluid intake is so important during the day in order to heal quickly and also regular eating is another important part of healing process. Not eating enough reduces the body resistance; the healing period will be extended. If you have a high fever, shower with warm water is good for you.



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