Tonsilium Symptoms In Children

Tonsil, is an orchard in every part of the throat. Tonsil is one of the defense mechanisms of the body. The inflammation of the tonsils is due to this defensive mechanism and the inflammation that occurs from various reasons. What are the causes of tonsillitis? There are various causes of tonsillitis. These causes can vary from the child's age to the living and immune system.



Tonsils are most common in children. Indications of tonsillitis with various causes are:

• The child's throat swells up. This swelling causes pain in the throat.
• Tonsillitis causes anorexia in the child. Kids do not want to eat.
• The child who is uncomfortable with the throat begins to get sick.
• In children with tonsillitis, fever is seen.
• The child expresses the pain of his throat.
• The child suffers from swallowing, and tells him that his throat is sore when eating.
• Sleep patterns get worse.
• Tongue inflammation causes pain in the ears. For this reason, ear pain may occur.
• Odor can occur in the mouth or nose of a child with tonsillitis.
• The child may have difficulty breathing. Speaking may be difficult.
Tongue inflammation also causes coughing.


A child with such an indication must be brought to the doctor. Which antibiotic is used for tonsillitis? Parents should not prescribe medication to their children, but use a doctor's prescription. In particular, it should not be delayed more than a few days with tonsillitis. The child may become moody and may not want to go to the doctor. In such cases, the child should be persuaded to the doctor in some way.


Tonsils can also be treated with herbal remedies. But first you should consult a doctor.



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