Tonsillectomy In Children

Tonsils are a pair of tissues embedded in the throat of the lymph system that plays a role in the immune system of the body. Particularly, they have the task of recognizing microbes entering the upper respiratory tract and preparing to defend the body.


The most common reasons for taking tonsils are; In the last two years, the child has more tonsil inflammation than 5-6 times, the "beta hemolytic streptococcus" bacteria frequently called the tonsilitis in the tonsils, the child has febrile joint and cardiac rheumatism, as well as frequent tonsillitis, And the presence of middle ear problems, recurrent and persistent pediatric sinusitis, as well as the presence of tonsillitis and nasal problems, can be considered as the causes of the surgery.


How To Decide On Tonsil And Nose Surgery?

The expressions about the frequency and severity of the child's illness are very important. Conditions such as snoring, sleeping in the sleep, malnutrition and development, malformation of facial bones, broken teeth, pediatric surgeon's decision, and failure to respond to frequently used medicines make the small patient candid. In addition to these, endoscopic examinations are needed in which the nose and nasal region of the patients can be seen in detail. Thus, it is possible to make a correct diagnosis and to make an operation decision.


Is Tonsil Operation Risky?

The most important risk of tonsillectomy is bleeding. Since patients are often children, it is the risk of a possible excessive bleeding. The increased general anesthesia conditions and the increased availability of hospitals are reducing this risk very much. However, tonsillectomy is a technique that seems technically simple, but it is actually a surgery that must be done in preparation for a major surgery. The most important thing to note when performing a tonsillectomy is that the hospital is a fully equipped hospital with an intensive care unit. The tonsil operation is at risk in places such as polyclinics and surgery where the conditions are not sufficient.



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