Tonsillitis In Children

The tonsillitis is usually caused by streptococcus microtens, or a virus. For this reason, the tonsils swell and become inflamed. The tonsils that block the microbes that can enter the body through the mouth, struggle with them, eventually become swollen and close the breathing path, constitute the first line of defense of the body. Thus, swollen tonsils form "sore throat and fever".


What is the importance of tonsil inflammation?

It does not matter unless you are accompanied by "common lumps" which can reach up to your height. In very special cases, "nephritis" causes adverse conditions such as "articular rheumatism".


What are the symptoms of tonsillitis?

There are many symptoms of tonsillitis. Some of them are:

• Sore throat may be in the stage of swallowing difficulty.

• Red and swollen tonsils may cause yellow stains.

• Fire at 38 ° C.

• Swollen bezels in the neck.

• If adenoids are also affected, mouth breathing, snoring may begin naturally.

• Oral odor.

What happens during the treatment of tonsillitis?


If your child has fever, apply a sponge treatment applied in a warm room with a restful fever. Give plenty of juices, go out with urine. If swallowing is difficult, increase liquid foods, do not force them to eat, yogurt, pudding, ice cream. Do not gargle in the sore throat because it is made of mouthwash, microbrew, carried from throat to middle ear.






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