Treatment Of Adenoid

Adenoids, tonsils and nasal cavity has a mission similar to that of the soft palate tissue located in the upper part of the rear portion. Tonsils adenoids are not seen as The be seen when looking at the throat. When you grow up and become inflamed adenoid can cause some problems.


However, shaped to resemble bunches of grapes, and tissue located between the nose and throat. Enters through the nose, adenoids help fight germs and bacteria that carry substances that the body catches it and produces antibodies, which are.


Symptoms of adenoid

Adenoid when you grow up, certain symptoms will occur. Trouble breathing through the nose, always the need to take a breather mouth, stuffy nose, such as nasal speech, to make sound while breathing during sleep, snoring, breathing for a few seconds during sleep (Sleep Apnea) symptoms, such as.


Children could not sleep well because these children urinary incontinence in children, distraction, problems may arise such as a fall in school success. When problems arise with the ear, hearing loss, such as the formation of a middle ear infection often symptoms are also seen.

Treatment of adenoid

Why adenoid will provide guidance for the treatment he grew up. Adenoid growth may be a structural growth, and allergic tract infections (utis) may be associated with. In these cases, the factor which is causing the Allergy is determined and the treatments for it are given. Allergy treatment in children without adenoid adenoids and tonsils taken every 4 growth may recur. Therefore, the adenoid growth are very important in the treatment and diagnosis of allergies.

Frequent infections that are passed is reduced if the adenoid can grow and shrink, and antibiotic treatment is given for these. If the adenoids are inflamed if it is not, it is necessary that you wait for a while. Adenoid adenoids in children can occur in the size of the child's growth is usually normal and over time I have come to. If it keeps repeating with some serious symptoms, adenoid surgery is done. For example, shallow breathing, Sleep Apnea, speech impairment if you have Frequent recurrent infections and symptoms such as adenoid, adenoid enlargement is treated with surgery.



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