Treatment Of Burning Sensation On The Throat

Burning sensation of the throat can often occur as a symptom of a disease. Therefore, you should first consult your doctor if you have a sore throat and burning sensation on the throat. If the throat burning is caused by a cold or flu:

  • First, it is necessary to increase fluid intake in the body.

  • Care must be taken to ensure that the place where you are is moist.

  • Avoid smoking, smoking areas, and dusty environments.

  • Consumed sufficient amount of beverages that must not be too hot or too cold.

  • Consumed sufficient amount of food that is rich in terms of vitamin value.

  • Gargling with salt water 3-4 times a day can relieve burning sensation in the throat.


Herbal Remedies For Burning Sensation In The Throat

In addition to the antibiotics that are recommended by the doctor, herbal remedies are also very effective in the treatment of disorders that cause sore throats and burning sensation. Herbal mixtures prepared as a supplement to used medicines help to solve the problem more quickly.


Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a stress-relieving and sleep-regulating feature. In addition, chamomile tea has an anti-inflammatory feature. This feature has a positive effect on the burning sensation of the throat.

Liquorice Tea

Liquorice tea is used for many years for a sore throat and burning sensation. Liquorice is a very successful herb in oral wounds, stomach ulcers and viral infections, except for burning sensation of the throat. The plant is prepared as a tea. It can be used as tea or gargle.


Eucalyptus Tea

A very popular plant used in cold or flu. Eucalyptus soothes the throat and relieves the burning sensation. Eucalyptus tea will be prepared and consumed as well as the boiling water boil inhaling burning sensation of the throat is good.



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