Treatment Of Esophageal Atresia

Newborn baby spit she won't swallow and can't eat. Attempts to place a probe where the probe stands still thick when seen from the mouth. In films does not exceed the lower of the esophagus and remains at the top of the probe or bending is seen. Babies diagnosed with esophageal atresia and the upper esophageal aspirated and placed at the end of the tooth into the pouch as the baby is deposited at the term. Otherwise secretions through the trachea and lungs can lead to problems. Nutrition in esophageal atresia without fistula type with only cough and cyanosis may be seen. In these patients, the diagnosis can be put on later.


Is It Necessary Esophageal Atresia Surgery?

Surgery the baby to survive is essential. According to the esophagus alone, the scales type, type of surgery and the timing will be different. Short of surgery, the type of the fistula in most spaced retrieval condition that prevents the baby's (unless you have inflammation of the lungs, severe cardiac anomalies, very small prematurelik) is 1-2 days old will be operated on and stabilized. The long-range fistulsuz type of nutrition provided here by placing a hose feeding into the stomach. The upper esophageal pouch with a probe that is placed into the saliva is absorbed. Thus, dilation of the esophagus are expected.


How Is The Esophageal Atresia Surgery Performed?

Preferably from the right side of the chest cavity is entered. Lower and upper esophageal areas. After leaving Thrace Thrace to the opening portion of the esophagus is repaired. Then the esophageal ends are sewn together. Long-range for people who despite the wait, you may not be able to sew end to end. In this case the mind can be done to the esophagus from the stomach or bowel.



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