Treatment of Growth of the Adenoid in Children

A high quality sleep is the golden key to growth and learning for children. Research shows that a quality night's sleep can help children regulate their day-to-day learning, renew energy stores, speed up mental development and secrete growth hormone. The most important factor affecting sleep disturbance in children is adenoid. Because of the growing adenoid, child can breathe in mouth, she or he cannot filter micros. Neglected adenoid problems cause infectious diseases, sinusitis, orthodontic disorders, growth retardation, attention deficit and school failure.


When should the adenoid surgery be done?

Indications for bringing back the normal functions of the nose and throat are the most accurate indications for nasal problems. Children who are sleeping by opening their mouth and snoring should be immediately minded of the existence of adenoid. In the case of adenoid which is the infection-related inflammation of chronic adenoid, sinusitis or otitis media, it should be surgically removed. Acdenoid should be considered in childhood sinusitis that does not respond to medication. And also adenoid should be remembered in sinusitis-related eye complications (cellulitis on the supraorbital, apse around eyes). Surgical removal may be necessary if medication is not beneficial.


Situations requiring surgery

  • Blockage of upper respiratory tract due to adenoid size

  • Suspicion of malignant tumor

  • Growth of adenoid that damage the chin structure

  • Frequent recurrent adenoid infections

  • Frequent otitis media is due to inflammation of the adenoid

  • Nonhealing sinusitis

  • Nonhealing otitis media

  • Chronic adenoid inflammation

  • Foul breath

Patients who have blood coagulation disorder should not be operated.


The case of a cleft palate is another condition that adenoid surgery should be avoided because normal speech and soft palate are needed to close the throat.



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