Treatment of Hoarseness in Children

Using voice badly is a major cause of hoarseness: making a chat by talking to another room from one room to another, excessive talk and shouting during a sporting activity can cause children to have hoarseness. These disturbances can be seen as acute or chronic changes.


As a result of excessive screaming, benign lesions such as nodules, polyps, and cysts may develop on the vocal cord. These lesions can also lead to hoarseness: The most common voice disorders in children are benign formations that occur in the middle of the vocal cord like nodules, polyps, and cysts. The nodules are like callus structures that develop on the vocal cord. Polyps have a fluid-filled structure compared to nodules. The cysts are fluid filled vesicle encircling the skin.


How İs The Treatment Of Hoarseness İn Children?

In the treatment of hoarseness in children; sound therapy is highly recommended in contrast with the voice surgeon. Voice therapy should be done by a specialist language and speech therapist. Voice therapy is the exercises with breath coordination help to produce sound, and appropriate tone, height, and quality of the sound of the voice. The topics of voice therapy include; voice production studies that involve sound hygiene and how best to reproduce sound without damaging vocal cord, explaining how to care vocal cord by keeping the vocal cord moist and away from irritants.


Voice production exercises involve exercising the vocal cord and strengthening them against the trauma. In addition, a multidisciplinary approach is important when evaluating and treating a child with voice disorders. In this team work, an otolaryngologist and language-speech therapist should be involved. The otorhinolaryngologist undertakes the diagnosis, medical treatment and surgical intervention of the existing pathological event. The rehabilitation part of the pathological event is done by the language and speech therapist.



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