Treatment of Hoarseness

The treatment of hoarseness types depend on the people who have aphonia. Because hoarseness is not a disease, it is just a symptom of other diseases.


For this reason, treatment should be examined thoroughly and separately in the case of diseases that cause hoarseness.


If treatments can be briefly categorized;

  • Vocal fold inflammation is generally treated with medication.

  • Voice fold paralysis is sometimes depended to diseases like tumors and goiter operations. If hoarseness is due to the tumor, treatment of the organ is necessary.

  • During the goiter surgery, sometimes the neuron of vocal fold can be cut. In this case, some muscle and nerve can be operated.

  • In the case of hoarseness caused by the throat reflux, both medication and the patient are advised to pay attention to some habits, especially nutrition.

  • If the hoarseness is caused by a malignant tumor on the laryngeal, the patient is treated by being operated. In this operation, part or entire of the throat is removed according to the metastasis level of the tumor. The voice’s function is absolutely affected by this operation. You may take some help to talk.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Hoarseness?


The following steps must be taken to protect against hoarseness:

  • Avoid inaccurate and excessive use of vocal folds.

  • Stay away from cigarettes, smokers and even the smoking area.

  • Limit your consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

  • If you are working in a job where you need talk too much (such as vocal artist, teacher), get help from a voice therapist on using your voice correctly.

  • Do not talk over the phone as much as possible until the hoarseness is treated.

  • Stay away from the air conditioning.

  • Ventilate the areas that are dusty or have chemical smells.

  • Remember that hoarseness is not a disease but this is a symptom of some diseases, and you should observe yourselves well and share your notices with your doctor.



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