Treatment Of Mono Disease

The virus that causes mono through saliva, infected, disease, or kissing, or cough or sneeze when you are exposed to, you can get. Disease with someone who has Mono, forks, knives, such as due to transmission of disease and drink from the same cup or share utensils. But for mono, other infections such as flu as it is not contagious.


What Is Complications Of Mono Disease?

In infectious mononucleosis, diseases such as autoimmune hemolytic anemia, an anemia disease, and infiltration into the microbial blood, called pneumonia and sepsis, can occur rarely. Very rarely called thrombocytopenia, a decrease in blood clotting cells can result in brain hemorrhage and death. In this case, steroids are applied immediately. In some infectious mononucleosis patients, upper respiratory tract obstruction due to excessive swelling of the tonsils and swallowing lymph nodes may develop. Very rarely, spleen ruptures may occur. Emergency blood may be given and the spleen may need to be taken immediately.


What Is Treatment Of Mono Disease?

Most infectious mononucleosis patients recover within 2-3 weeks. Treatment is a major supportive treatment. Bed rest is required during the active period of the disease. Aspirin and similar drugs are given for fever and sore throat. Cortisone is recommended in some severe complications such as advanced respiratory tract obstruction, clotting disorder, anemia. Treatment with viral medicines has been tried in some cases. However, it was observed that there was little effect on healing.





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