Treatment of the Throat Cancer

The number of people with laryngeal cancer only in U.S.A. in 2013 was 13,000. 10,000 of them were male, whereas 3000 were female and the majority of the patients were over 65 years old. The number of people living with laryngeal cancer in the United States on the other hand was found about 90,000. According to the data released by the U.S. National Cancer Institute, 60% of people diagnosed with laryngeal cancer live more than 5 years. In patients, where cancer does not spread beyond the larynx, this rate goes up to 75%. Throat cancer is more common among men. For every 6 men, only about 1.3 women are suffering from throat cancer.


Radiation Therapy and Chemothearpy

Radiation therapy can be used if laryngeal cancer is detected at an early stage. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be used together for advanced laryngeal cancer. The method of choice for laryngeal cancer treatment is closely related to the general health of the patient and whether the cancer has spread to other organs or tissues.



Another method commonly used in the treatment of laryngeal cancer is surgery. The surgical area can be opened with scalpel or laser. During surgery, the surgeon may remove the entire throat or part of it, depending on how much the cancer has spreaded. During operation, lymph nodes located in this region may also be removed. The success rate of treatment is very low and the likelihood of cancer recurrence is high in patients, who continue to use cigarettes and alcohol after surgery. The following factors are important to the success rate of laryngeal cancer treatment;


  • The stage of the cancer,

  • The location and size of the tumor,

  • The age, gender, general health status of the patient,

whereas the choice of treatment method is usually determined by the following factors;

  • The number and location of the tumor,

  • The size and location of the tumor,

  • The degree to which the patient can talk, eat and breathe,

  • The number of times the cancer will recur.



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