Treatment Of Tonsil Inflammation In Adults

As parts of the body's defense and immunity system, tonsils and the lymphoid tissues in the pharynx have very important functions. Due to recurrent microbial attacks however, overgrowth of the tonsil tissue following the tonsillitis is quite common in adolescents creating an inflammation center in the body rather than helping the body to fight over the microorganisms. Since the problem of tonsilitis in the adulthood is more complicated than it is in childhood, different solutions may be sought for.


Excessive fluid consumption and oral hygiene are very important in treating tonsilitis. Antiseptic gargles that are readily available from pharmacies are usually adequate for oral care. Doctors commonly advise patients of tonsilitis to have abundant rest and to have pain relievers and pain killers as needed. In the case that the cause of tonsilitis is diagnosed to have occurred due to bacterial infections, then antibiotics are prescribed. However, long-term and recurrent use of antibiotics may not be the right way to treat recurrent tonsilities, therefore surgical treatment options may be considered.


In adults, tonsils may be surgically removed to prevent the infection of the internal organs such as the heart and kidneys. As a reson, tonsils that normally carry out the defense role in the body via the the excessive number of lymphocytes they contain, may become unable to perform these tasks after becoming filled with microbes. Microbes nested here may reproduce here especially when the body is weakened and they spread from the tonsils into the bloodstream reaching the organs therefrom causing diseases.


In this case, the tonsils are diagnosed not to help the body's defense system anymore and thus they are surgically removed to resolve the problem. Some experts object to the surgical removal of the tonsils claiming the defensive benefits of the tonsils, however it is also a well-known fact that the removal of tonsils resolve the complicated problems caused by the chronic inflammation of the tonsils.





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