Treatment Of Vocal Kord Cysts

The following list will both help you to minimize the size of your vocal kord cysts and prevent it from happening again.


  • Check your stress, do not hide.

  • Take precautions to reduce stress.

  • Rest well enough.

  • Be happy. Your happiness will be reflected in your voice.

(With proper breathing support) laugh a lot.

Avoid smoking areas. Remember that everything you breathe passes through your most precious instrument.

  • Breathe in your stomach, let your stomach relax while breathing, let it go forward and feel fat. (midriff breathing)


  • Eat good food.

  • Avoid milk and milk products before performance.

  • Take good care of your body as an invaluable instrument.

  • Make your bedroom humid especially in the winter months.

  • If you use contraceptive pill, choose your contraceptive pill by consultation with your otolaryngology.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

  • Pee pale, sing clear.

  • Take precautions against reflux.

  • Rest your voice when you are tired.

  • Reduce the TV and radio noise on the back during the conversation.

  • Do an adequate warm-up exercise before singing.

  • Do not smoke.

  • Do not breathe fumes and chemical substances, if necessary use a mask.

  • Limit alcohol intake.

  • Get singing training.

  • Participate in sound hygiene and performance lessons.

  • Avoid singing while you are sick. This is the first reason that creates sound problems in vocal artists.

  • Keep your phone conversations short.

  • If you feel getting ill, start medical attention early.

  • Remember, sound hygiene is a condition that needs to be followed on a daily basis like dental hygiene, which needs to be followed on its own, and is a way of fine tuning your voice and having healthy voice in a long term.

  • Instead of cleaning the throat, swallow because cleaning throat irritates the throat

  • Pay more attention to adequate regular fluid intake than usual nowadays when the air starts to warm up




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