Treatment Process After Throat Operation In Tronsillitis

Tonsillectomy is performed under general anesthesia, and according to difference techniques, the procedure takes approximately 15-12 minutes. With Thermal Welding method bleeding and postoperative pain during surgery are less.


Since it is made under general anesthesia, oral feeding is not done for the first 4 hours after surgery. Patients usually suffer from a painful period after tonsillectomy. The healing period is in two separate periods. The first period is when the pain is excessive and the second period is less painful. After the surgery, few practical applications to reduce pain, cold serum spillage at the surgical site, pain relief injection, dexamethasone and pain medication injection from the vein, avoiding cauterization. As a result of almost no pain in the first 4 hours after these practical exercises, when the anesthetic effect passes and the first time to eat, the ice cream is first eaten and the soft mild diet is continued to reduce the pain. The less injured the tissues outside the tonsil during the procedure; less pain will be felt after the procedure.


Important points about postoperative care of the patient; The patient's dehydration after tonsillectomy is the worst factor for recovery. It causes the patient's pain to increase the risks of bleeding and infections and to delay healing. For this reason, the key factor in healing is increased oral fluid intake of the patient. Regular oral intake of particularly hard and non-hot foods is the most important factor in terms of recovery. It may be useful to use painkillers to ease oral fluid ingestion and to reduce pain by taking foods such as ice cream, cold pudding, cold yogurt from time to time. It may be true to take painkillers before bedtime because of swallowing and decreased fluid intake. It should be borne in mind that pain can not be relieved only with painkiller tablets, syrups or sprays, and that oral fluid food intake is absolutely necessary.


Bleeding between 5-7% after tonsillectomy can be seen. There is a risk of bleeding until the 10th day, especially since the collagen, which heals on day 10, is the time to change. The risk of bleeding after the 10th day will gradually decrease with gentle warm food intake. For the first 10 days only soft, warm, watery foods should be taken. Any food that is hard and hot can cause bleeding by touching the surgical field. However, acidic foods for the first 10 days may be irritating and uncomfortable. The first 10 days of movements that will increase heavy exercise and tension should be avoided. Steam machines can be used to moisten the painful initial room air and reduce the build-up of the throat area.



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