Treatment Process After Throat Surgery Due To Tonsillitis

Tonsillectomy is among the most frequently performed surgical operations in the world. Tonsils are the elements of the immune system. They take place in the throat, and it helps the body to recognize the microbes entering from here. If recurrent tonsil infections are treated three or four times a year despite being treated, then surgery is required.


What Are The Appropriate Foods And Drinks After Tonsillectomy?

Hard, hot, acidic, salty, bitter and spicy foods should not be given to the patient after tonsillectomy.

This type of food may cause the healing process to prolong and it may cause the start of the bleeding. The first 10 days postoperatively constitute the riskiest period. Bleeding may be more frequent on the 10th day due to the change in collagen structure. For this reason, the first 10 days care and nutrition are very important. Immediately after the tonsil operation, the patient may be given ice cream or cold soft desserts on the first day. The reason for this is to reduce post-operative pain.


After the surgery, the healing process can be accelerated by giving frequent foods soft, warm and high in protein value (meat that is made by bone marrow, soup made with broth, ayran, kefir, yogurt or soup made with yogurt). It is also important to drink plenty of water in order not to irritate the throat with the drying of the throat and coughing after the operation because, with the dryness of the throat, ear pain can also occur. Chewing gum also helps to clear the throat with the patient's saliva (an antiseptic gland) and also contributes to the healing process. As a result, we can say that the healing process of tonsillectomy is a 10-day process and that healing can be accelerated if the nutrients taken are taken into consideration.




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