Treatments Of Throat Cancer

Laryngeal cancer is a type of cancer that occurs especially in people who smoke. The throat cancer stages consist of four phases. The most common symptom of laryngeal cancer is voice annoyance, and there are several treatments for this disease.


  1. Surgery

According to statistics, laryngeal cancer survival rate is very high in early diagnosis. Surgical treatment is the most effective cancer treatment by removing the cancerous tissue by surgery. There are three forms of surgical procedure: Cordectomy, total laryngectomy and laser surgery. A portion of the larynx is removed by a cordectomy. With the second method, total laryngectomy, the entire larynx is also surgically removed. In both treatment methods, a hole can be made in the front of the neck and the patient can breathe through this hole but the hole opened by total laryngectomy is permanent. The third method, laser surgery, is applied to cancer patients who are in the first and second stages.


  1. Radiotherapy

In radiotherapy treatment, cancer cells are killed or minimized by the use of radiation rays. These rays are usually given to the neck region through an external machine. This treatment takes about 6 weeks to respond positively. Cancer patients receiving radiotherapy may use certain medications throughout the treatment, depending on the doctors, to achieve a faster effect.


  1. Chemotherapy

In the chemotherapy method, drugs are given to kill the cancer cells. This treatment, which is usually administered in the form of an injection in a hospital setting, can rarely be done with medications.

  1. Biological Therapy

The death rate of laryngeal cancer has decreased considerably with the development of treatments in recent years. Biological therapies help prevent the growth of cancer cells. Biological therapy, which encourages the immune system to kill cancer cells, is one of the most commonly used methods.



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