Underlying Causes Of Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis, inflammation of the nose and the back of the oral cavity. There are two different pharyngitis types. These include acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis. Both types of pharyngitis are completely different from each other. Faranjit is an acute pharyngitis that develops suddenly from one person and causes excessive inflammation. A mild course and a longer course is considered chronic pharyngitis.

What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis causes and symptoms are complaints may not be just a sore throat in acute pharyngitis. Burning, dryness, fever, fatigue and nasal discharge may occur with sore throat.Chronic pharyngitis may not be fatigue or fever. But there is a sense of difficulty swallowing, a sore cough, a strangled foreign sensation.

What Are The Underlying Causes Of Pharyngitis?

Bağlantı Pharyngitis, upper respiratory tract diseases, as well as viral infections such as influenza and colds. Farangitis can be caused by viruses and bacteria that are released into the airway, such as coughs and sneezes. Pharyngitis cause is the virus. Chronic pharyngitis viruses as well as frequent use of dry air, dusty air, polluted air, nasal discharge, cigarettes, alcohol, very hot or cold foods and beverages, chronic tooth and gum disorders as well as syphilis, tuberculosis, Some chronic rheumatic diseases have also been shown to cause chronic pharyngitis. Antibiotic is not helpful in pharyngitis treatment. So the patients need to be treated by a doctor. Patients should stay away from very cold and hot beverages or foods, from alcohol, smoky air, cigarette smoke, dirty air, allergen caused by pharyngitis treatment.

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