Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Treatment

Upper respiratory tract infection is also known as cold. It is one of the diseases that cause frequent doctor visits both in the world and in our country. More than 200 viruses that cause inflammation in the nose and throat lead to "upper respiratory tract infection".


Most children undergo upper respiratory tract infection 5-8 times a year. This number may increase in children who go to bed. Upper respiratory tract infection is reduced in children over 6 years of age. Adolescent age group may have upper respiratory tract infection 2-4 times a year.


Which drugs are used to treat upper respiratory tract infections?

There is no need for viral upper respiratory tract infections. Some treatments may reduce symptoms; But it does not allow children to recover more quickly. With 7 days of treatment without treatment, it also heals in 1 week.


Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Treatment should also pay attention to:

  • Exposure to cigarettes is important. Children who are exposed to the cigarette are both more likely to get sick and have symptoms that are heavier and longer.

  • It is important that the nose is cleaned and aspirated with serum physiology.

  • Mild fever and analgesic can be given if there is restlessness.

  • The efficacy of treatments to reduce nasal discharge and obstruction is very limited and should only be given in consultation with the physician.

  • Aspirin is definitely not used.

  • Antibiotics kill bacteria but do not kill viruses that infect upper respiratory tract infections. The use of unnecessary antibiotics in viral infections leads to the development of resistance in bacteria, which really does not work when we need these drugs. Antibiotics should only be used with a doctor's recommendation.



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