Viral Throat Infection Treatment

Throat infections are caused by the transmission of either viruses or bacteria. If you have fever but no coughing, and if you have white stains and inflammation on your tonsils, then your throat infection is highly likely due to bacteria. The vast majority of viral throat infections do not require medication, but serious illnesses with signs of throat infection are also present. However, in most cases it is the cold and flu viruses that cause throat infection. There are hundreds of types. They are highly contagious. They are particularly effective in winter months.


Indications of Throat Infections

  • Fever (38.5 degrees and up),

  • Chills

  • Headache

  • Nasal discharge

  • Cough along with colorless or yellow or light brown or green sputum

  • Weakness

  • Pain in the muscles, arms and legs

Other viral diseases that may cause throat infection are:

Inflammation of the tonsils (Tonsillitis): White colored dot-shaped or white inflammation that is spread to a wider area is seen on the tonsils.

burning throat.jpg

Pharyngitis: It causes inflammation in the mouth and back of the mouth, which could be of bacterial origin as well.

Throat Inflammation (Laryngitis): It causes hoarseness. It also causes a peculiar cough that allows the disease to be immediately diagnosed.

Aphthae: Aphtha is usually seen as white and gray spots on the tongue, lips and the palate, which can rarely occur in the throat as well.

Herpes viruses: They usually appear on the edge of the lip and they are similar to Aphta. They may cause throat infections as well.


Measles: The onset of the disease is similar to a fever. It is possible to stay protected via vaccine; once the body is infected with it, then it becomes immune to it. If unimmunized people are exposed to measles virus, there is a 90% chance that they will get sick.

Chickenpox: It makes itself visible with the itchy red spots on the body. Adults have more hard time with the disease compared to the children.



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