Vocal Cord Paralysis

Vocal cord paralysis is not a disease, but a symptom of the disease. Vocal cord paralysis; It is a very common finding that many disease outbreaks occur.


What are the causes of vocal cord paralysis?

Vocal cord paralysis are composites of infections, and the reason is mostly unknowns. 10 % significant intracranial diseases, tumors may develop due to.


• Viral and bacterial infections,

• Neck trauma

• Especially some neck goitre surgery including surgery.

• Lung, neck, larynx, esophagus tumors,

• Heart rhythm problems, congenital heart problems,

• Head injuries

• Related to brain and nerve tissue, tumor, vascular diseases.

Lung diseases cause paralysis of vocal cord, left vocal cord competely from the main artery from the heart to the lungs and the vocal cords of the nerve is associated with the arrival. For the same reason, the vocal cord nerves, the esophagus, very close relationship to the thyroid gland. Especially the possibility of nerve injury following thyroid surgery, although rare, there are.


Vocal cord paralysis, important and life-threatening it should be noted that the causes could be. Should be made to identify the reason and treatment planning requires. Double-sided vocal cord paralysis emergency treatment because of severe breathing difficulty, throat hole may need to be opened.

Is there treatment of vocal cord paralysis?

Act of unilateral sensory nerve branch in case of Damage, Do not need treatment. However, double-sided moments in hoarseness of speech therapy may be helpful. Cases of food and fluid in the lungs escaped, swallowing therapy should be. Sometimes prevent the escape of the lungs, breathing in order to ensure the hole can be opened throat.

Unilateral vocal cord paralysis, vocal cord paralysis do not need treatment, even if with middle. However, if it is moved away from the middle line, the interval with some of the techniques to reduce vocal should bring it closer to the midline. The patient's self-imported oil or some of the ingredients that are used for padding purposes if this treatment is injected into the vocal cords can be done.



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