Vocal Tract Nodule Symptoms

The voice coiled nodule is callus-like lumps, which are caused by the bad use of voice, such as shouting. The voice will be relaxed in 2-4 months due to the resting and constant volume control.


The most acute symptom of a vocal tract nodule is the decrease in overall voice quality. The person cannot make shrill. Aphonia or hoarseness may also occur, as well as cracked voice and quaver. It may take some time between the beginning of the talk and the beginning of the voice. The following can also be seen:


  • Sound and body fatigue

  • Throbbing pain in the ears

  • Feeling lumpy in the throat

  • Neck pain

Why Does Vocal Tract Nodule Occur?

1) Use the Voice Badly

Almost all of the vocal tract nodule cases are caused by using voice badly. This causes soft and small dots on the vocal tract. Over time, these dots become hardened and turn into callus-like tissue called vocal tract nodules. If the voice continues to be used badly, the voice tract nodule may become larger and solid.

The following voice uses can cause the voice coil node:

  • Scream

  • To sing for a long time (those who are unaccustomed to sing a song may soon have a voice tract nodule)

  • To speak for too long

  • Speak quietly

2) Allergy

Allergies such as spring allergies or food allergies can lead to the vocal tract nodule, which can lead to an inflammation in the throat and vocal tracts. Nodules in vocal tract may also occur for the following reasons:

  • Caffeine and alcohol consumption

  • Constantly coughing

  • To smoke

3) Some Diseases

The following problems may cause the voice coiled nodule:

  • Long-standing sinusitis

  • Voice tract tension

  • Audible

  • Vocal fold paralysis

  • Reflux

  • Thyroid hormone deficiency (hypothyroidism)



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