What Are Laryngitis Symptoms?

Laryngitis is the inflammation of the vocal cords. The problem is usually viral origin and rest is relieved by routine measures such as abundant fluid intake.There are two types of laryngitis, acute laryngitis and chronic laryngitis.


The acute laryngitis statement appears quite rapidly and worsens within 2-3 days. Laryngitis usually occurs within 1 week. Among the specifications are; voice annoyance, difficulty speaking, throat ache, light fever, headache, cough, continuous throat clearing is involved.


Some people can not talk or try to whisper or talk in a wheezy manner because of the sound shortcomings. The number of diseased days is getting worse, this situation gets worse and the vocalizers are inflamed. Though all other symptoms pass, the forked tone can last for up to 1 week. As laryngitis usually develops due to other diseases such as colds, flu, sore throat or tonsillitis, symptoms such as swollen beads, nasal discharge, pain in swallowing and feelings of soreness can also be seen. The onset of chronic laryngitis lasts longer and may last for weeks, even months. Depending on the destruction of the larynx Permanent voice annoyance may occur.


Is İt a Laryngitis Contagion?

If laryngeal is caused by a bacterium, fungus or other type of infection, it can be contagious; Just as it is in many respiratory infections and colds. However, in viral laryngitis cases where a viral infection is caused, there are several contradictory thoughts contradictory to each other. According to a current of thought, it is not contagious and in normal conditions it will improve within a few days. Another thought is "contagious". One of the reasons for this is that it is not laryngitis, but the cold that causes it and that it is infectious. So technically the answer is "no" for "Is laryngitis contagious?"




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