What Are The Causes of Throat Cancer?

The greatest risk for throat cancer formation is consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Especially when these two habits are had together, the risk of cancer is doubling.

The main risk factors for the formation of throat cancer are listed below:

Cigarettes and other tobacco products are undoubtedly the main factor for throat cancer. Risk of cancer is affected in direct proportion to the amount of cigarettes consumed per day and the cycle of smoking habits. Non-inhaling smoking or smoking passively does not diminish the cancer risk as much as you might think. Consumption of more than 3 cigarettes per day is considered to increase the risk of cancer significantly in the region of mouth, throat, pharynx and larynx.


Smoking cigarette is also a major risk factor for the formation of all parts of respiratory tract, alimentary canal and even bladder cancers.

Alcohol is the second factor that is particularly effective in the formation of the supraglottic (upper region of the throat) cancers, and the effect is directly proportional to the amount consumed per day and the cycle of the habit. Alcoholism with smoking habit increases the risk of cancer much more.


Occupational exposure increases the risk of throat cancer in people who work in wood, furniture, textile, metal, petroleum, chemical industries, and have been exposed to certain chemicals.


It is thought that gastroesophageal and laryngopharyngeal reflux, that is, gastric juice, may leak from the loose upper stomach valve to reach the upper laryngeal and pharyngeal regions of the alimentary canal (esophagus) and then causes chronic (permanent) irritation. There may lead to cancer. The development of throat cancer in some people who are not smoker or don’t have alcohol habits and no occupational exposure is thought that there may be a relationship between reflux and this disease.




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