What are the Environmental Factors that Trigger Throat Cancer?

Throat (larynx) cancers account for about 3% of all body cancers. As with most head and neck cancers, smoking is the most important cause. It is more common in males and over 50 years. Studies have shown that 96-98% of patients with laryngeal cancer use cigarettes. Today, the increase in the use of cigarettes and alcohol also increases the risk of being seen in women. For the same reason, the age of onset of cancer has recently reached 40 or even 30 years.


Environmental factors in cancer of the larynx

1)Smoking: Smoking and any tobacco (Pipe, Cigar, etc.) use one lung, larynx, mouth and cancer of the esophagus, pancreas, bladder cancer is the major cause of.

2) Malnutrition: 30 percent of cancer patients, the disease due to improper diet are caught. High in saturated fat, vegetables and fruits which did not take place until you have enough of eating habits, breast, Colon and increases the risk of developing throat cancer.

3) Virus outbreak: Cancer diseases in the world 18 percent of hepatitis B or human papilloma virus is responsible.

4) Radiation: Ultraviolet rays (UV) and the sun is the main responsible of many types of skin cancer.

5) Doing sport: Lack of Exercise increases considerably the likelihood of developing colon cancer especially.


Preventable of factors:

1) Alcohol use: Excessive alcohol consumption with cancers of the mouth, larynx, kidney, upper respiratory tract, and could lead to breast cancer.

2) The danger of the environment: Asbestos, arsenic, carcinogenic substances such as benzene in the presence of passive smoking and cancer can be an invitation to stay for a long time.

3) Environmental pollution: Water, air and soil pollution, 1 per cent of the world's cancer cases 4% is responsible for.

4) The wrong foods: Excessive use of chemical pesticides used in foods can trigger cancer and aflatoxin ready.



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