What Are The Factors That Triggers Cancer Of The Throat?

Cancer of the throat, cancer of the larynx is located in the literature. The reasons are not fully understood, although it is not life-threatening is of great importance in terms of terms and in daily life. By performing early detection and diagnosis, effective treatment, the cancer can be treated. Due to the early symptoms of early diagnosis of head and neck cancer provides. It should be known that all signs throat cancer in stimulating and detailed information is provided in accordance with the necessary tests and the doctor can be prevented.


How Is The Diagnosis Of Throat Cancer?

If all or a few of the symptoms of throat cancer occur, your internal surgeon and your general practitioner will test you a few. If throat cancer is suspected, the throat is examined with a small, long necked mirror or a fiber optic lamp laryngoscope. If regions with risk of cancer are detected, a biopsy is taken under local or general anesthesia. Biopsy is the only effective way to treat laryngeal cancer. Radiological diagnostic X-ray, tomography or magnetic resonance imaging can be performed to determine if the tumor is detected and the size of the tumor and whether it spreads if the biopsy sample demonstrates the presence of the cancer.


What Are The Causes Of Throat Cancer?

The factors that trigger throat cancer are not exactly known. However, people exposed to 30% of smokers and long-term exposure to specific factors such as alcohol are at greater risk for this type of cancer in which all individuals are at risk. Mouth and throat cancer is rarely seen in adults who do not smoke and drink. However, this data is valid for people who are healthy and have no other inherited disease. Among the conditions that trigger cancer, situations such as exposure to radiation from mobile phones and computers are also among the factors that increase cancer risk in the person. Men 55-65 years more frequently in smokers Smoking is more common in alcohol addicts Throat cancer risk.




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