What Are the Reasons Frequent Recurrent Hoarseness?


There are 5 common reasons of frequent recurrent hoarseness that you have to pay attention if you have hoarseness that is not healed in 3 days.


Laryngitis is a disease caused by upper respiratory tract infection. It causes fever, sore throat and hoarseness. There is no pain in the throat for hoarseness. In the Laryngitis case, the infection makes edema in the vocal cord that is in the throat. It is recommended that the patient drink plenty of water.


Incorrect voice usage

Misuse of voice is often a problem in teachers and people who use loud sounds. For example; like the fact that many people who go to the match have hoarseness. This situation continues for a long time and if it repeats frequently, it is absolutely necessary to see a doctor. Normally drinking plenty of water and resting the sound makes it better.

Polyp and nodules in the vocal cord

The benign polyps and nodules may occasionally occur in the vocal cord. They are painless and when you cough, blood can be seen as a symptom. There is always a doubt about the nodule in the case of hoarseness that occurs when you are tired of voice, have upper respiratory tract infection, and are loudly spoken. If the polyp or nodule is too large, hoarseness is permanent. In this case, a doctor should be consulted immediately.



The cigarette causes damage to the vocal cord. Smoking cigarettes causing polyps, edema, cancer, tissue thickening and reflux should be quitted immediately.


Hoarseness caused by voice tumors is usually the most common disease in cigarette smokers. Smokers who have frequent recurrent hoarseness should go to a doctor immediately. Other symptoms of cancer include breathing difficulties, shortness of breath, bloody coughing, mouth odor and difficulty in swallowing.



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