What Are The Reasons Of Sore Throat?

Sore throat can be caused because of several things does not matter your age, gender or race. Sore throat is a very common disease. Usually the problem is caused by viruses and bacterias. There may be other reasons as well that can cause sore throat. Sore throat can be triggered by several factors. Mostly your life style is the main and most dominant thing that affect your body and make your body inresistable for such disease. Once your immune systhem is down your body will be more open for new bacterias and viruses which will cause a disease.


The sore throat problem is usually caused by viruses and can effect some parts of your throat or sometimes can spread very fast and can be seen all over your mouth and throat. The best and easy way to come over sore throat is the use of antibiotics. You should not use antibiotics by your own you have to visit a doctor so that you can have your pills. If your disease is chronical the use of antibiotics will not be enough so the best way will be to know the reasons that trigger your illness. In such cases usually allergies are the mostly encounter reason. 


How to Cure a Sore Throat?

There are several ways to come over this disease the very well known is the use of antibiotics but as it cannot be use in all cases we would like to mention about the natural ways. The first thing is to drink as much as water and watery things as you can. In such disease it is very important to keep the area wet. The second way is to drink tea there are many tea types which are all natural antiseptics. Lastly and the most effective one is to drink or wash your mouth with sage tea. These are some of the very well known ways.




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