What Are The Symptoms Of Hoarseness?

Hoarseness is a condition that describes the loss of the voice in whole or in part.

  • If you cannot speak or talk as a whisper,

  • If there is tension in the voice cord,

  • If you have sore throat,

  • If swallowing is difficult,

It is likely to be a voice annoyance.


How Do You Diagnose Hoarseness Which Is A Voice Anomaly?

Since there are many reasons for this, the medical record of the patient is first heard. Then the patient's ear nose and throat examination is done. For how long the hoarseness lasts will determine the shape of the treatment. The sound is measured and the quality and capacity of the sound are evaluated. Diseases such as laryngitis, nodule, polyp and cyst can be diagnosed in the patient without the need for examination. Among the tests applied to the disease; Researches such as chest X-ray, sinusitis films, allergy tests, biopsy with tumors, examination of the larynx area, films related to the brain because of vocal cord paralysis, investigation of metabolic diseases. As a result, patients are consulted to the appropriate doctor.


What Is The Treatment Of Hoarseness?

Treatment of this disease should be treated by treatment that tempers to the reason of the disease. If the disease is detected, it should be treated. Viral or bacterial infections are treated by medicine. If there are nodules in the vocal cord, voice training should be done. If the treatment is not possible, the lesion should be removed from the vocal cord by operated. Since there are different factors in the vocal cord paralysis, appropriate treatment should be applied. If hoarseness is caused by the reflux, treatment is applied to prevent the escape of stomach acid. In laryngeal cancer, surgery is usually applied. Radiation therapy may be useful for small nodules.




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