What Causes Reflux?

The reflux is caused by the flow of the stomach acid or the gastric acid in the reverse direction towards the esophagus, which connects the throat and the stomach. As the sphinder that opens at a time, when it should be closed, the stomach acid climbs up causing a lot of problems and the complaints associated with it, such as stomach ache, stomach and heartburn, flow of sore and bitter water to the mouth, which are accompanied by a burning sensation in the chest.


Indications and Diagnosis of Reflux

You should consider the possibility that you have reflux if you are coughing or if you wake up feeling strangled or if you feel burning and an unsteady pain in your chest, which feels like stabbed with a knife, after a tight oily meal that you have at lunch.


Heartburn is a familiar symptom for the most of us, but we may need to describe the reflux in more detail.

Chest pain, the feeling that what you eat gets accumulated in your chest, feeling of the need to clean your throat, coming of what you eat back into your mouth, congestion, chokes, sore throat, hiccups, coughing and difficulty in swallowing are all among the symptoms of reflux.


Factors Leading to Reflux

  • Genetic factors can cause reflux.

  • There is a loose lid between the esophagus and the stomach, which allows the food to move downwards only. The deterioration of this valve mechanism is a factor.

  • Some of the stomach along with the valve of the esophagus shift into the chest cavity in people those have stomach hernia problem. In this case, the valve mechanism is distorted and with the effect of the pressure in the chest cavity, gastric acid escapes from the esophagus in the upward direction. Thus, another factor is the stomach hernia.

  • Life style and environmental factors cause reflux. Using alcohol and cigarettes, consuming gaseous and caffeinated beverages with much sodium, eating too much at meals, using medication randomly, being overweight are among other factors of reflux.




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