What Conditions Do Not Require Throat Operation?

Actually tonsils are elements of the immune system of our body. Here the germs which entered the region they are located in the throat and your body, to recognize. For this reason, the fact that the body which are essential for these tissues cannot be operated unless it is compelled to. In situations in which the tonsils need to be taken, and observations that were made in past centuries and are still being made based on the results of medical studies.


The child's tonsils in order to make a decision tonsillectomy infections may need to be seen several times. A tonsil infection, sore throat and a high fever in children may not be called other throat infections pharyngitis because it gives the same symptoms. Tonsil infection of the tonsils is also a child who has had a single out of it right to be taken is out of the question.


Recurrent tonsil infections despite medical treatment, surgery on tonsils is not recommended unless 3-4 times per year. Just be grown up due to the tonsils is not included. Tonsils are by natüre grow during periods of infection, infection was terminated, after a while, they contract. Disease eating and filling in the region of the throat of that era, even if breathing is difficult, or sleep apnea that would lead to They're so big, but in these cases because of their size, you need to intervene.


Tonsil infections are also passed as a complication of heart, kidney and joint problems in the presence of, or when you take them to apselesmey in the neck area or tumor also when they have to be surgically removed the tonsils is suspected. In short, the tonsils, they can be very harmful as they are beneficial to the health of the child.



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